Shocking facts of fresh water

Fresh WaterWater is an appropriate synonym of ‘life’. The living beings of the earth mostly sustain on fresh water. However, it is shocking to know that 97% of the total water content of the planet is nothing but sea water. This contains huge amount of dissolved salt in it, thus making it unconsumable. So, it means only 3% of the total water content or resources are fresh water or consumable water.

Here comes a twist. More surprisingly this 2.75-3% of fresh water is not even appropriate to consume. Out of this 3%, more than 2% of water is nothing but ice sheets, glaciers and snow in the Polar Regions. Can you just imagine that all the living creatures of the earth are surviving based on 1% of fresh water? The twist is not yet over! Out of this 1%, around 0.7-0.8% of water is underground water and only 0.2% is the portion which we can see on the surface of the earth. Lakes, rivers, ponds are some examples of fresh surface water resources. This indicates that the volume of groundwater is 30 times more than that of surface freshwater lakes as well as 3,000 times more than rivers and streams of the whole world.

The ecosystem is completely living on fresh water. Let me give you an instance from which you will get a clearer view on average usage of fresh water by an individual. An average human being uses 5 litres of water every day for drinking purpose, 10 litres or more for cooking/ kitchen facility, 5-15 litres of water for cleaning and bathing and 20 litres for sanitation purpose. Now can you guess how much the entire human population of the earth use daily? Do you still not want to get into the details of the water used for agriculture and livestock management?



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