Quick Physics Facts for Your Knowledge

PhysicsLeading life successfully without experiencing any problems is best possible with the consideration of practical features in an extensive manner. Physics is exactly such a field of study providing you the best features on an overall. Here are some of the best Physics facts for you in general.

  1. Earth and Mars vary extensively in their gravitational forces because of which several contrasting differences are experienced. For instance, a person weighing 100 kilograms on Earth will be just 38 kilograms on Mars.
  2. A supersonic plane can travel more than 767 miles per hour for sure. This is the exact speed with which sound travels. Covering a distance of 1,230 kilometers in just an hour is something that is best possible in this regard.
  3. Cars might travel well beyond the normal expected speeds in general. However, a lot of fuel gets exhausted up because of the resistance from wind. A study revealed that half of the fuel is consumed in case a car travels at a speed of 80 kilometers an hour.
  4. Convex mirrors are commonly used to increase the size of images. However, such images tend to appear nearer what they actually are. Magnifying glasses use convex lens to focus the images better for sure.
  5. Solar system has got nine planets with each one of them rotating in the same direction. The lone exception in this regard is Venus, which rotates in exactly the opposite direction. It is believed there are several such solar systems in the universe.
  6. Cheetah is the fastest animal the world has ever known. It is common for the animal to attain a speed of 113 kmph with ease. Meanwhile, the fastest particle in the world corresponds to light and is known as photon.

Several such physics facts are known to mesmerize physicists across the world.



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