Must Know Facts about Internet Technology

InternetAccomplishing major tasks online is possible through Internet for sure. However, it took several path defining situations during which it has evolved of ages. There are several Internet technologies influenced by bandwidth and data capacity as well.

Here are some of the crucial Internet facts that you need to know.

  1. World Wide Web is entirely different from Internet even after both are seen under the same umbrella in general. Perhaps, it is World Wide Web that became more famous because of it being a collection of websites. The Internet is the medium to access to those websites.
  2. Sir Tim Berners-Lee is widely regarded as the founder of Internet and is credited with the massive development of this technology. It all started as the exchange of data within a small network and later spread to LAN, MAN, WAN and eventually took the shape of Internet.
  3. A website address begins with three Ws and contain the domain name besides ending with a domain extension. Initially, there was a single extension as ‘.com’ and later got spread to other forms due to DNS naming conventions.
  4. Top level domains in the world are as follows .com for commercial purposes, .biz for business requirements, .mil for military operations, .org for organizational needs, .edu for educational prospects. Apart from these, there are several trivial and custom domains as well.
  5. Multiple application purposes are served with the help of WWW and Internet. For instance, some of the major activities performed in this regard are email sharing, data exchanging, voice conferencing and several others. Watching movies and other HD videos too is possible.
  6. With the tremendous increase in the use of Internet, its popularity soared heavily in the past few years. People use it mostly for social networking purposes. Watching movies, videos and news is possible with the consideration of all the features in an extensive manner.



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