Little Known Facts about Bruce Lee

bruce leeBruce Lee is one of the best action heroes that the world has ever seen and produced by Hollywood. The legendary icon holds the unbelievable distinction of introducing Chinese Martial Arts to the rest of the world. His transition from a martial arts teacher in Hong Kong to an action hero in Hollywood is something that is seen as a legendary feature.

Here are some of the best facts about Bruce Lee, which are not known by all.

  1. Bruce Lee’s best action picture till date is ‘Enter The Dragon’ that has been officially declared so. It generated huge collections across the world after it has been first released. There was no looking back for Lee with him being an undisputed king of martial arts.
  2. The death of Bruce Lee still remains to be a big mystery to till date for the people. It is believed that he died to due to poisoning. Meanwhile, his was considered to be a natural death with several theories doing the rounds in the midst.
  3. Bruce Lee has got this natural flair of performing action sequences in a rapid manner. However, the cameras have to use for the purpose of improving to a maximum extent by slowing down . This is something that was never to any actor for sure.
  4. Brendan Lee is the son of Bruce Lee who shares the dubious distinction of getting killed the same way like his dad. There are some theories based upon which it is believed that he was killed with poison in drink. Meanwhile, others say he died of accidental bullet shot.
  5. Bruce Lee died at the young age of 33 by which he already became a legend and the highest paid Hollywood actor of this time. Some are left in a state of amazement thinking that whether such a person will ever be born again.



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