Learn About Important Plant Facts

plantsDifferent types of plants are available in the nature. Some of them are of flowering type and the others produce fruits. Irrespective of the kind of plants you got, there are certain unique features exhibited based upon their unique features. Some of them have been detailed in the facts below.

  1. Carnivore plants are in existence as well, which tend to gain nutrients by eating small insects and spiders as well. They produce a sharp jab all of a sudden before eating, which makes the prey unsuspecting for sure on an overall.
  2. Paper is a product obtained from bamboo plants. Hence, it is regarded as most precious. Recycled papers too are produced in order to save the fast use of bamboo plants and save them for future generations as well. Bamboo sticks are produced for creating various handcrafted items.
  3. Plants produce oxygen as well during the process of photosynthesis during which it uses up harmful carbon-di-oxide. This gas is released by humans as part of the exhalation process. Growing more plants means that producing more oxygen.
  4. Numerous varieties of plant varieties are available in nature. However, a very small range not amounting to 2000 are considered for the purpose of cooking food by the humans. There are still unidentified species of plants existing in the world.
  5. Onion plants are available for ready consumption besides tasting pretty good. However, chopping them is a major exercise as your eyes tend to release tears. This is a natural phenomenon happens because of the production of a gas by the onions.
  6. Plants and trees are the strong resources for fossil fuels such as petrol and diesel. The transformation requires thousands of years for sure. However, the faster use of these fuels is going to create a greater void with no scope of more fuel production in the future.



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