Interesting Math Facts for Kids

math for kidsChildren usually are averse to perform mathematical calculations because of the complexity involved. However, there are certain math facts available based upon which some interest could be generated in them for sure. Here are some of the kids’ math facts in short for you.

  1. Mathematics is a single branch of study associated with several other fields such as engineering, statistics, medicine, technology, astrology, business and aerospace to name a few. Picking one of the Math subject will lead you towards several other branches.
  2. Egyptians are regarded as the pioneers in making use of mathematics for major fields. For instance, algebra and arithmetic have been used long before dating as far as 3000 BC. The use of geometry too has been initiated by them bringing the subject into focus.
  3. Symbols are the most useful form of expressing mathematical formulae and equations. However, this was started only from the 16th century onwards. Interestingly, even noted scientists across the world used to rely upon words making it more complex to understand.
  4. A cake can be cut into eight pieces with the help of three slices alone. There are several such interest math games played, which will be useful in increasing knowledge as well. Several math competitions are held as well to increase competency among students.
  5. A triangle is formed with the help of three sides arranged in different angled. Trigonometry is officially regarded as the study of triangle in detail. Apart from the three angles alone, there are several interesting aspects of trigonometry that are considered for the purpose of study in detail.
  6. Pi is the most common expression considered for calculations. However, it cannot be written in the form of fraction because of it being an irrational number. It can be written as a decimal number with it never being repeated and never ending as well.



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