Interesting Facts About Shark

  • SharksThe shark does not contain bone, the whole body of the shark is made using Cartilage. Cartilage is flexible bones, the human ear is made up of cartilage.
  • Swell shark has the ability to bark like a dog, which is mostly found in the sea of New Zealand.
  • The shark has a huge appetite , it eats the things which come by its way. Most of the researchers found coats, nails and plastic in the stomach of the sharks.
  • The bull shark is considered as the most dangerous shark, because of its ability to survive in both fresh waters and marine waters. Bull shark is more aggressive than any other shark and has the ability to grow up to fifteen feet.
  • A shark can get more than five teeth in its total life
  • The shark has ability to smell the blood, which is four kilometers out of its reach. The shark can even detect the small vibration produced by the preys in the water, which helps the shark to capture its prey.
  • Most of the shark species don’t lay eggs and  just deliver the babies. Only a few shark species lay eggs. Majority of shark only deliver twelve sharks in their pregnancy. But sharks like tiger shark can give birth to forty shark at a time.
  • Most of the shark can travel at a speed of forty miles per hour, but the sharks like Mako has ability to swim at a pace of sixty miles per hour.
  • The Whale Shark is the largest shark species in the world. The whale shark is also the largest fish in the world.
  • A Whale Shark possesses more than four thousand teeth, but each tooth is a smaller than normal shark.  A shark can get more than a thousand sets of teeth in its whole life.
  • The total weight of the whale shark is ninety thousand pounds. Basing shark is the second largest shark it can grow to a size of forty feet.



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