Interesting Facts about New Zealand

new ZealandPlanning to travel to New Zealand along with your friends and family? Then, you need to be aware of some of the interesting facts about the Kiwi nation before you visit it. Here is a quick overview for you in this regard.

  1. New Zealand was originally as part of New South Wales, an Australian state. However, it was offered a separate state status with an option to get separated from NSW. However, it rejected the idea and eventually went on to have a separate country with commonwealth relations maintained intact with its parent country Down Under.
  2.  Kiwi is not a fruit contrary to what everyone in the world believe. It is a popular flightless bird found in that nation alone. Perhaps, the term ‘Kiwifruit’ has been coined upon Chinese gooseberries. As a slang term, a New Zealander is referred to as a Kiwi as well.
  3.  Dutch sailor Abel Tasman was the first person to have discovered New Zealand on an expedition in 1642 AD. However, he left the country after an intensive fight with the local tribes named Maoris with several of his soldiers killed already.
  4.  Queen Elizabeth II represents not just England but also serves as Queen of New Zealand. However, all the decisions are taken on her behalf by an elected Governor General. This practice is followed still offering unlimited power to the queen.
  5.  New Zealand is third nation to have two national anthems officially with the other two being Denmark and Canada. The first national anthem is God Save the Queen and the other being God Defend New Zealand.
  6.  Maos is one of the biggest birds in the world regarded as commonly found in New Zealand. However, their dominance in the world have been brought to extinction successfully by the Maoris by the end of the 15th century.



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