Interesting Facts About Doughnut

  • DoughnutHenson Gregory was the first person to introduce the hole in Doughnut in the year 1847. In the year 1916 Henson Gregory said in an interview, that the hole in the Doughnut helped the food to cook well. He added that the inside portion of previous Doughnut without a hole was not cooked well, it caused indigestion for him .So he introduced the hole in Doughnut.
  • National Doughnut Day is celebrated every year on the 7th of June.
  • Ten billion Doughnuts are made every year for the people in the United States of America.
  • The American style jelly doughnut was the largest Doughnut ever made; The Doughnut weighed around 1.7 tons. The size of the Doughnut was sixteen feet in length and sixteen inch high in the central part of the doughnut.
  • John Haight holds the Guinness record for eating twenty nine doughnuts in just six minutes
  • The total worth of a Doughnut in USA is 3.6 billion US dollars.
  • Canada holds the record of having more doughnut shops than any other country in the world.
  • The first Doughnut machine was invented by Adolph Levitt in the year 1920.
  • Oily cake is the original name for Doughnut.
  • The idea of eating Doughnut with coffee came from the movie “It happened one night” of 1934.
  • Dunkin Doughnut is the most purchased doughnuts all over US.
  • The Doughnut was introduced by the Dutch, so the person of US has always credited the Dutch. The Doughnut was introduced in the year 1800 to the people of US.
  • The normal Glazed doughnuts have nearly two hundred calories.
  • Glazed doughnut is three times more popular than any other doughnut.
  • For each 2,480 people a Doughnut shop is present in Boston, which is considered as the craziest doughnut state in the US.
  • The French Doughnuts are called Pet De Nonne.



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