Interesting Facts About Coffee

  • cogffeeIt’s found that the coffee is cultivated only in the region of tropic of cancer and the tropic of Capricorn. This region is called as coffee belt.
  • England’s king banned coffee in 1675, because they noticed the people who work against the country meets in coffee shops.
  • Seventy percentages of people all over the world prefer Arabica coffee, because the coffee is soft and aromatic. The rest of the people prefer Robusta coffee, which is slightly bitter in taste.
  • Most of the people in India prefer coffee, because it solves constipation problems.
  • The coffee trees have the ability to grow to reach thirty feet height, but the tree is cultivated to grow only at a height of ten feet for easy picking of coffee seeds.
  • It is found that coffee is the highly traded food commodities in the world, it occupies the second position.
  • A Belgian man named George Washington from Guatemala in 1906 discovered the world’s first instant coffee.
  • Most of the people think that Espresso is a coffee made by special coffee bean, but the truth is Espresso is one of the methods to make the perfect coffee.
  • The human brain contains an element called Adenosine, this makes a human feel tired and sleepy. The caffeine in the coffee reduces the metabolism of Adenosine. This makes people active.
  • It’s found that office workers in the USA prefer coffee highly during their working hours.
  • In 1511 coffee was banned in the Mecca, because the religious leaders found that, the coffee has certain materials which arouse drastic thinking.
  • World’s famous writer Honore de Balzac drank fifty cups of coffee per day; he believed that the coffee helped him to write more articles.
  • A survey says that the an average worker in the United States of America spends 1092 US dollars for purchasing coffee every year.



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