Interesting Facts About Australia

australiaVisiting your favorite holiday destination Down Under must be high on your priority list. However, here are some of the funniest facts about Australia that you should know for sure in order to generate more excitement.

  1. Australia is also the Land of Opal with 95 percent of opals coming from it. Interestingly, 99 perfect of the opals come from that country.
  2. Most popular Oz sport is Australian Rules Football. Other popular sports in line are Rugby League, Motorsports, Cricket and Rugby Union.
  3. Australia has got a massive coastline of 50,000 kilometers, which is home to over 10,000 sandy beaches in the world. This number has been unbeatable so far with no other nation capable of reaching anywhere near.
  4. Though Australia is the sixth largest country in the world trailing behind India, the population density has been astonishingly less with just two persons per square kilometer.
  5. Liberalism is advocated in a high pitch across the Oz nation. An interesting fact in this regard is that it is only the second nation in the world to allow women to vote.
  6. Australia is the only country in the entire world, which serves as a continent  as well. Geographically, it has got the driest habitats that can be found anywhere in this world.
  7. The year 1983 has been most remarkable for the nation with the yacht titled Australia II has annulled the 132-year-old of dominance of America by winning the cup.
  8. Rod Laver is the only professional player in the history of tennis to win Grand Slam. Perhaps, he did it not just once but once after which he got Rod Laver Arena christened after his name.
  9. Human population in Australia is placed at 21 million. In contrast, the sheep population is miles ahead with the official estimate to be at 150 million.



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