Interesting Facts About Ant

  • antThe total weight of all humans in the world will be equal to the total weight of Ants all over the world.
  • Six thousand kilometer was the largest ant colony found by researchers.
  • Ant is a social insect, which has the ability to live for a long period of thirty years.
  • The brain of Ant contains nearly two lakh fifty thousand brain cells.
  • There are nearly twelve thousand species of Ant in the world.
  • The ant has the ability to move fifty tons of soil each year.
  • Nearly five billion US dollars worth materials are damaged by the fire ants in North America for each year.
  • Queen ant lays eggs and the rest of the ants are sterile.
  • Some species of ant are asexual; they have ability to reproduce without a male.
  • An Ant contains 2 stomachs. The first stomach is used for the ant and the second stomach is used to store food for the other ants of their groups.
  • Some species of ants have ability, to slave other species of ants
  • Ants are found in all continents of the world except the continents of Antarctica.
  • Some species of ants have ability to swim in the water.
  • Majority of ants has capability to survive in underwater for about twenty four hours
  • Some species of wingless ant have a special ability to maintain control glide, when they jump from certain heights.
  • In some part of the world ants are eaten by the people.
  • Ants existed even during the period of the dinosaurs.
  • The ants go behind scent trace put down by the scout ants to collect food.
  • Ant’s enemies are usually the ants of different species.
  • Ants have some special ability to carry bits and pieces which are fifty times greater than their own body weight with their jaws.
  • Ants have a special chemical called formic acid; it’s used to attack the enemies.



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