Interesting Chocolate Facts

  • chocolateActually, the Death by chocolate first takes place in the Mexico. The chemicals added to prepare the chocolate, that brings feelings with love and tryptophan makes you happy.
  • In ancient period, Aztec and Mayans used the coco beans as a currency.
  • The pure coco can be used to prevent the tooth from decaying. The chemicals occurred in the coco beans fight against dangerous bacteria in the mouth.
  • The American peoples consumed almost half of the world’s chocolates. It is weighted up to 3 billion pounds. Europeans also consumes about 40% of world’s chocolate.
  • Phenyl ethylamine is a type of chemical that releases happiness endorphins to the brain and makes the people to feel good. Chocolate is exactly a chemical love.
  • The chocolate producers wide use 20% of the world’s peanut crops every year and about 40% of all were grown almonds.
  • Chocolates are good for healthy heart. People who consumes chocolate regularly they are reduced from the risk of heart disease by 37%.
  • The chocolate will improve the feel by increasing the concentration of the serotonin in the brain. By eating 63 grams of chocolate per week for 10 years, the heart disease can be reduced in men by 17%.
  • Chocolate will reduces the hunger and the regular eating of chocolate can add your life years.
  • After a small piece of chocolate, people are better in mathematical problems. Many disagree that after a few pieces of chocolate they think better. But it is proved by the scientists from UK.
  • A cup of hot chocolate relieves a painful throat and restrains body response. According to the statistics, the countries where people eat more chocolate were noble prizewinners.
  • 17,000 people in Belgium that is one in every 200 workers are involved in the making, selling and promotion of chocolate.



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