Interesting And Fun Facts About Watermelon

  • watermelonWatermelon was first produced in Egypt before 5000 years and presently China is the world’s biggest producer of watermelon.
  • They are associated with pumpkins and became a part of the dictionary in the year 1615.
  • Each part of the watermelon can be eaten also its rinds and seeds. Unripe watermelons must not be consumed as they are acidic.
  • It has 8 percent of sucrose and 92 percent of water. Thus, it helps you to reduce weight easily. It is rich and vitamins and minerals and does not contain any cholesterol and fat.
  • It is one of the highly consumed melons in the US. It was included in the first cookbook in the US with a recipe called Watermelon Rind Pickles in 1792.
  • The Official State Vegetable of Oklahoma is watermelon yet it had lots of controversies since it is a real fruit.
  • Mark Twain stated that watermelon should be the food consumed by the angels. The people in Vietnam use watermelon for the New Year’s holiday.  They considered it as lucky and eat the seeds as a snack.
  • It not only reduces your thirst but also stops inflammation which increases problems like diabetes, arthritis, asthma, colon cancer and atherosclerosis.
  • There are over 1200 types of watermelon grown in the world.
  • Eating watermelon especially in the summer season makes you stay cool and also does magic in your skin and keeps you lovely.
  • Have some watermelon cubes or juice which relieves you from stress.  It also removes fatigue and makes you stronger and active.
  • There are watermelon festivals called as Watermelon Carnival in Mississippi and Watermelon Jubilee in the USA.
  • The world’s largest watermelon measured 268.8 pounds and was given to Lloyd Bright of Hope in Arkansas.
  • They were transported to America by the African Sleeves through the Atlantic Ocean.



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