Important Television Facts You Must Know

TelevisionTelevision is one electronic device that has revolutionized almost every household in the modern era. However, it bears the dubious distinction of ‘Idiot Box’ as well. There are several instances during which a TV is regarded as most effective such as informative and entertainment in general. The emergence of digital technology has seen the replacement of CRT televisions with digital LCD televisions.

Here are the major television facts for you.

  • Though television sets are primarily meant for the purpose of watching moving images only, they are meant for the purpose of sound transmission as well. Listening with greater clarity is best possible in this regard.
  • Television is a combination of two words – ‘tele’ meaning distant and ‘vision’ means to see. Eventually, it means watching distant images transmitted through analog signals. The same technology remained and continued for several years.
  • Technically, every television is a received in actuality. It is because of its capability of receiving electronic content in a constant manner. It cannot function if there is a transmitting device available at another location or at a central place.
  • There are a lot of images moving faster in succession at such a pace that human eye cannot recognize it. Developing the sequence of images in a more rapid fashion will form the moving images. The resolution is in the form of 3:4 known as aspect ratio.
  • First generation of remote controls were big enough to handle with complex operations to perform. It was first introduced in the 1980s after which they have been going through constant changes throughout. There are now remotes available for electrical devices as well.
  • Video cassettes were in circulation to be watched using a VCR to be played along with a television. The emergence of DVDs and CD players has resulted in the disappearance of such cassettes from the scene totally.



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