Important Facts You Need to Know about Mercury

MercuryMercury is one of the smallest planets revolving around the sun. Perhaps, it is Mercury that rotates around the sun by being too close. As far as its appearance is considered, it appears the same way as that of the moon.

Here are some of the facts about Mercury for you.

  1. Mercury has got a surface that appears very similar and striking for sure with respect to the sun. There have been certain craters formed in the region providing a picturesque look for sure. The crests and troughs experienced are similar as that of the ones found on moon.
  2. Being the nearest planet to the sun, the surface temperature has been placed at a whopping 400 degrees of centigrade. At this high level of temperature, it even becomes impossible to call the atmosphere as hot and humid.
  3. Night temperatures of -180 degrees of centigrade too are experienced upon Mercury. The absence of any possible atmosphere on earth causes this terrible problem. Imagine such extreme temperatures experienced on earth. It will make life impossible without any second thought.
  4. Though the planet Mercury resembles moon very much in its physical appearance, the most exciting fact is that there is no atmosphere available on its surface. This means that there is no wind flowing or air circulating.
  5. No scientific research conducted in the past revealed existence of water on Mercury. There were no traces found as well. However, there is enough evidence that there might be water underneath prompting researchers to conduct more studies in this regard.
  6. There is a greater possibility that air too might be trapped beneath. A wide range of precious metals are expected to be under the surface giving strong indications for the future expeditions.
  7. Entire surface of Mercury has been covered with rocky substance making it totally hard in comparison to planer earth.



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