Important Facts about Electricity You Need to Know

electricityElectricity is considered for the completion of multiple activities without which life cannot be imagined even for a single day. Terms such as circuits, discharges, volts and shocks have become the order of the day just because of electricity.

  1. Electrical engineering is a separate field of study allocated in an exclusive manner just meant for the analyzing the tendencies of electricity in detail. There are several sub-branches in the study such as transformers, circuits and systems, which focus on minute aspects in detail.
  2. Amperes are the measuring units for electrical current denoted with the symbol ‘A’. Meanwhile, electrical voltage is symbolized as ‘V’ and the measuring units are termed as volts. Resistance is calculated with voltage divided by current.
  3. Two positive charges are known to distract each other. This fact is based upon the magnetic theory that like poles repel each other. Similar, the opposite charges attract each other in order to produce current. Any changes in this context will result in no passage of current or short circuits.
  4. Electric eels are considered to be one of the most dangerous animals living on the earth. They are called so because of their body’s natural ability to produce strong electric shocks in state of emergencies. In fact, the intensity is felt as 500 volts.
  5. Electric circuit is a complete physical representation of who electricity works in general to complete a specific activity. An open circuit is not effective without any passage of current. Switches are known to differentiate between closed and open circuits with a single operation.
  6. Hydroelectricity is a form of electricity generated with the help of water made to pass through huge spin turbines. The energy thus produced is converted into electrical form with the help of generators meant for storing and passing the electricity.



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