Fun And Interesting Facts About Jaguar Animal

  • jaguarJaguar is a mammal and it is the largest cat of America. It has become a symbol of power and strength. It is talented in killing the animals and it is partly due to their very strong mouth.
  • It makes variety of sounds such as roaring, mewing and grunting. Jaguars are brilliant swimmers and they love to be in the water.
  • It is also skilled in climbing and fishing. Black leopards and black jaguars are called as panthers. In some civilization, the jaguar god of the night was the dreadful lord of the underworld.
  • The preys found in the river such as fish, turtles and small alligator like animals. They kill the animals in a single bite.
  • The weight of the jaguar is about 200 to 250 pounds with a length of 5 to 7 feet. Next to lions and tigers, it is known as the largest cat.
  • It has the ability to live about 25 years but the average lifespan of the jaguar animal is 12 to 15 years. They are nighttime predators and private animals.
  • They can climb the tree even they while carrying a prey of their own weight. They carry their prey to the top of the tree to prevent it from other animals. Usually they do not miss their prey, if they missed it, the prey is lucky.
  • According to the survey, there are 15,000 jaguars are left roaming in the rainforest. Jaguar’s bite is twice strong as the bite of the lion. Black jaguar is also called as panthers.
  • The newborn jaguars were blind and helpless. Hence, they stay with their mother nearly 2 years to learn hunting.
  • The female jaguars are about 10 to 20% smaller than the male jaguars and the waste size is about 1 to 4 kittens.



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