Fire Facts for Your Quick Knowledge

FireThe use of fire is found in daily life. However, it offers maximum protection when used in a limited and careful manner. Any display of carelessness will result in problematic situation for sure.

  1. Fire is produced due to a massive chemical reaction. However, it releases other forms of energy at the same time such as light and heat. Warming, heating and cooking are some of the domestic applications considered with fire on a daily basis by people.
  2. Other products when burnt along with fire produce certain byproducts that are harmful for the environment. When fire combines with oxygen, the intensity doubles with the creation of more smoke and fire resulting in nothing but ashes.
  3. Fire cannot burn by itself as there are several components and substances simultaneously in order to produce the best result. For instance, it is necessary that the fire lights up with fuel, oxygen and heat considered in equal combinations.
  4. Improper use of fire might lead to several harmful consequences such as loss of fire as well. Hence, it is necessary to take care of the situation by using it properly avoiding blisters and burns upon the outer skin in total for sure.
  5. Multiple tasks could be performed with the help of fire such as cooking food, warming rooms and lighting bonfire. Enough control has to be put before fire is being used in order to avoid any untoward incidents in future.
  6. Fire cannot burn without the supply of oxygen. Turning off major fire in any region is easily possible in case oxygen supply has been totally avoided. The use of fire extinguishers is another major way of stopping the spread of fire.

By choosing all the above facts in a comprehensive manner, it is possible to control fire in a successful manner very easily.



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