Fast and Interesting Biology Facts for You

BiologyBiology is the study of life and the role of different living organisms in contributing to the facts is regarded to be most important. There are several other organisms such as bacteria, insects, viruses and flies available as part of this study. Here are some of the best biology facts available for you.

  1. Life is made from the combination of single cells known as live cells. They are not visible through a naked eye. Observing their patterns and tendencies is best possible through a quality microscope only.
  2. Contrary to what all might believe, all types of bacteria are not harmful. Perhaps, there are some other types of bacteria as well because of which experiencing good is possible as well. For instance, some bacteria helps in the digestion of food and some others produce yoghurt.
  3. Bacteria is an organism made from a single cell. In contrast, humans are made out of millions of cells arranged in unique patterns. Identifying one human from another is possible technically with the help of DNA mapping procedure.
  4. There are no antibiotics available for viruses. All the antibiotics produced in the world are capable of taking care of bacterial problems as only. The best way to treat problems with viruses is to consider antiviral drugs.
  5. Like plant eating animals called as herbivores, there are certain plants known as carnivores for eating some types of insects. In fact, there are some plants found to be causing harm to humans as well in case they are careless about their security.
  6. The unique identity of a person is revealed by examining DNA in detail. This is the reason why crime suspects are taken to task after mapping their DNA with that of the culprits. The use of fingerprinting technology too has been prevalent in recent times.



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