Facts you should know before voting

votingVoting is one of the birth rights of every individual when they reach the age of 18 years. With more than half of the states hold elections, it is your turn to choose wisely and vote. Your single vote counts a lot and never thinks your vote will get wasted. But before going for vote, you need to know some of the things that are very much important before voting. Voting is not a small thing, and for that you need to clear all the facts related to voting.
Hence, here are some of the facts you should know before voting:

Eligibility. You need to be eligible for voting. For the eligibility, you need be at least 18 years old and also, you should be a citizen of that particular country if you want to vote. There are also some of the other criteria such as having a valid photo identification proof, etc.
Register before voting. This is the most important step you need to follow before going to give vote. This is the most important part of voting system. This step happens before the day of election. Voting registration details you can find at any voting stall. You can also get information on voting and elections online on certain government sites.
Update about your registration. Even though your must have registered yourself during last elections, you need to update your registration whenever election come up. In most of the states. The registration process starts just before ten days of election.
Providing a photo identification card. This card is very much compulsory at various places. The reliable form of photo identification card is either your driving license or else any ID card issued by government. You should first check with the election office whether you need photo ID card or not. Identification has become very necessary as many times fraudulent votes are recorded due to fake voters ID card.
Make sure you follow all the rules and regulations. It is important to follow all the election rules right when you enter the election polling station. It is very much important to behave properly inside the election stations. You will see various signs and symbols that should be followed, such as:

  • Switch off your cell phone.
  • Newspapers not allowed.
  • Turn off your pagers.
  • Campaigning strictly restricted in this area and much more.

Always reach on time for voting. It is very much important to be punctual and complete your duty towards your nation. You can’t afford to miss your very important vote that can even lead to loss of your favorite party.
Find out everything about the candidates. You need to completely learn about who all are contesting the election, what is their political party name, their motto, what all things they have done in past, etc. you need to find out each and every small detail about the candidates in the election.  Pay attention to all the information provided by those political parties and make your decision accordingly.




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