Facts about your drinking water

Drinking water is the most important fluid in the body and also, our entire body is composed of about 60% of water. Water helps to maintain the balance among the body fluids. These bodily fluids help the body in various process like absorption, circulation, digestion, creation of saliva, maintenance of body temperature and even transportation of nutrients. It is very much important to drink about eight liters of water every day. Water helps you to keep your body away from dehydration. Hence, following are some of the facts related to water: BondParty
1. Water drinking lots of water can really prove beneficial to all those who are wishing to lose weight. It helps to control calories. Water rich food aids you to eat less and makes you feel full.
2. Water leads in energizing your muscles. Drinking enough water helps in exercising and maintains flexibility of muscles.
3. With greater intake of drinking water comes glowing skin. Water makes you skin look good and becomes a protective barrier around your skin. It keeps your skin moisturized.
4. Kidneys do a job cleaning all the body fluids and getting rid of harmful or waste toxics. Hence, water is the main component that acts as a cleanser along with the kidneys.
5. There is a higher risks of suffering through kidney stones if you drink less water.
6. Always keep a bottle of water wherever you go so that your water intake doesn’t get low.
7. Always drink lot of water along with your snacks or meals.
8. Most of the tap water contains fluoride which helps you stay away from cavities.
9. Water tends to clean out all the waste from your body and keeps you away from some of the diseases.
10. You should make sure that your water is clean and bacteria free and if it’s not, boil water and then drink.



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