Facts About Americans Health: Americans Required Health Care Reform

  • american healthCompare to other countries like Japan, France the United States of America spends more for health care.
  • In 1960, 147 dollars were spent for an average person for health care in America. In 2009 this was increased to 8,086 dollars for an average person.
  • The U. S has to give more importance for Health care. If  it gives much importance, it would be as 6th largest economy in the globe.
  • The price sittings are not controlled or delimited by the government of America. It is organized by the private sector.
  • Since 1998, the health industry in U.S has spent $ 5 billion for the politicians in Washington D.C.
  • 60 percent of personal economic failures in U.S are related to the Medical bills.
  • The average family in U.S spends more than 20,728 dollars per year for health care.
  • The ambulance industry in America gains more money for year compare to other entire industries.
  • Regulating insurance bill in Obama care is not perfect. There are many insurance companies in U.S which is rated by three times cost in the last year.
  • The Obama cares forcing to wind up the pre-existing conditions. The reason to wind up the conditions because the funding is going to low. The people with pre-existing rules and conditions go back to uninsured.
  • The premiums are expected to keep on rising. Still Obama Care keeps the insurance affords the people who are in middle and low income citizens in America.
  • 50 percent of Americans are utilizing prescription drugs.
  • 280,000,000,000 dollars will be utilized on recommended drugs in 2013.
  • The health care reform is the one of the best system over the health care system.
  • The extra charge was consumed for Americans in hospitals which come to $ 10 billion per year.



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