Crucial Energy Facts for Your Quick Knowledge

enerdyDifferent types of energy are in existence in this world depending upon the requirements. For instance, the most common forms of energy known to the people are chemical, electrical, solar and nuclear. Here are some of the important energy facts for your quick consideration.

  1. Energy is available in different forms of which it is categorized as either potential or kinetic energy. The term originates from the Greek word ‘energeia’ meaning working or activity.
  2. Energy can never be generated or destroyed. The entire universe reflects energy in one form or the other. Performing various activities requires energy in numerous forms as per the need.
  3. Kinetic energy is a form observed whenever an object is in motion. For example, a moving car at a maximum speed is known to have kinetic energy to an optimum extent.
  4. Famous German scientist Albert Einstein has proposed that energy is nothing but a product of mass and the square of the speed of light.
  5. Chemical energy is found mostly in food products necessary for the purpose of growing. The same energy is found to be crucial for reproduction needs as well.
  6. Wind turbines are erected for the purpose of generating wind energy, a form of solar energy. This energy is later converted into electrical energy for producing electricity.
  7. Solar energy and its other forms such as tidal energy never produces any kind of pollution. This is because of the fact that no products are used for the purpose of combustion.
  8. Hydrolectric power is the largest provider of energy for the worldly needs anywhere in the universe. China holds the record for having the biggest hydroelectric turbine built at Three Gorges Dam.
  9. Nuclear energy consists of 13% share of the entire production of energy across the world. This percentage is set to increase with more power plants to be setup in future.



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