Common Food Facts You Need to Know

foodEating food products of your choice is something that everyone looks forward to. However, there are certain popular food facts available commonly if known in a perfect manner, then you will avoid most of the food products for sure. Hygienic way of eating is something that is best possible for you in this regard.

Given below are some of the food facts that you should know.

  1. McDonald’s is one of the oldest and vast food chains available in the entire world. Perhaps, it has got presence in almost all major countries. A whopping 1.5 million people have been employed by the firm to cater to the regular needs of customers.
  2. As with the language, tradition and currency, every country follows its own personal cuisine and menu items. Perhaps, there are country locations as well where the menus vary with other locations in the same country.
  3. Human civilization has led to plant cultivation to a maximum extent. Growing of vegetables and leafy vegetables has been known to man since times immemorial. However, the current plant growing number has reached to the core with 2000 varieties considered in all.
  4. Sweet potato is one of the popular root vegetable in contrast to what others thing in general. Though it shares close resemblance in name with potato, there is actually no relation between these two vegetables in terms of substances included.
  5. Pumpkins are sold commercially with them being branded as vegetables. However, they are fruits if one has to speak technically. In fact, they contain seeds as well and were consumed by man since the prehistoric era.
  6. Different types of berries are available in the world with a majority being grown in the West. The most common varieties are gooseberries and cranberries. Most popular of all are strawberries. However, little known fact is that they are not berries at all.



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