Clear Facts about Weather for You

wheatherWeather plays a major role in influencing daily life. However, there are several facts and details that are still unknown to people in common. Here are some of the best known facts provided to you in a comprehensive manner.

  1. Weather in the forbidden continent Antarctica is regarded as most extreme in nature. However, the highest recorded temperature till date was in 1974 at 14.6 degrees centigrade. A year passes there with six months of day and six months of night at a stretch.
  2. Maximum rainfall recorded for a period of 24 hours is a whopping 182.5 centimeters, which as in Foc-Foc of La RĂ©union belonging to the French territory. Similarly, maximum rainfall recorded for a year is 25.4 meters in Cherrapunji of India.
  3. Highest snowfall as per official records in a single year is 31.1 meters observed in Mount Rainer of the U.S. State of Washington. It typically equals the height of a 10-storied structure consisting of 627 square meters in total. Imagining such a snowfall density at a time send shivers for sure.
  4. Heaviest hailstone ever recorded weighs well 1.0 kilogram, which was recorded in Gopalganj region of Bangladesh in the Asian continent. It was back in April 14, 1986. As a matter of fact, hailstones are formed because of the super-cooled water drops in the atmosphere.
  5. Clouds appear as no different when you observe them in air. However, there are several types of them based upon the layer where they exist. Each of them have a unique shape and size perfectly determined such as cumulus cumulonimbus, stratus and cirrus.
  6. There are millions of lightening storms experienced upon the earth each year. Maximum electricity levels are discharged onto the surface, which get wasted eventually with no scope of capturing them. Typically, the heat generated is estimated to be 30,000 degrees Centigrade.



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