Amazing facts about human brain

  • Human brain consumes thirty percentage of nutrient form our diet, this is the reason why the experts and doctor suggest the peoples to take balanced nutrition.
  • Human brain contains sixty percentage of white matter and forty percentage of grey matter.human brain
  • White matter in the human brain is in the color of pink, White matter consist of axons and dendrites, which is accountable for communication between various regions of brain through neural networks.
  • Grey matter in the human brain is actually in the colour of pink and its helpful in functioning and cognition of the human brain
  • An average human will have fifty thousand thoughts per day
  • The thought creates a new connection in the human brain.
  • Human brain has eighty to one twenty billion neurons.
  • The weight of Human brain is 1300 grams, which constitute two percentage of human weight.
  • Synapses are the links through which electrical message are passed by the human brain.
  • The neural networks in human brain can be rearranged by humans.
  • Human brain contains seventy five percentages of water, when human is dehydrated the functioning of brain starts reducing
  • Human brain takes twenty percentages of  oxygen from the whole body
  • Dreaming requires more use of brain than waking.
  • The stress can alter the cell and task of human brain.
  • Researchers say that a good music can increase brain organization.
  • Oxytocin is a special chemical in the brain, which causes love feeling in human.
  • Human brain does not feel any pain; the headache is caused by the nerves and muscles in the head.
  • Human brain produces ten to twenty three watts of power, which is sufficient to light a CFL lamp.
  • Human brain contains one lakh miles of blood vessel.



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