Amazing Facts about Chemistry

chemistryAre you looking forward to know about facts involving Chemistry that leave you in a state of amazement? Then, there are several of them because of you which you are able to attain more knowledge with excitement as well. By reading the below given informative facts in detail, you are able to assess more features.

  1. Hydrogen is the most common element found in the universe. When two parts of it combines with one part of Oxygen, then the resultant product is nothing but water. Hydrogen with atomic number 1 is denoted with ‘H’ symbol.
  2. Sun is known to everyone as a fire ball generated with hot gaseous substances millions of years ago. However, a very little known fact about sun is that it is composed of oxygen as well. In fact, one perfect sun’s weight consists of oxygen.
  3. Helium balloons are commonly seen floating during parties. There is no secret behind it, but an interesting fact that the gas named Helium is much lighter than air. This is the reason why floating objects are commonly known to consist of this gas.
  4. Carbon is another common element found in chemistry. However, there are several facts about this element unknown because of its mystic appearances. For instance, it is the same element found in coal and diamond as well. The difference lies in the chemical combinations.
  5. Water is the only substance in the universe having no color, no odor, no shape and no size. Interestingly, it never gets mixed other fluids such as oil under normal conditions. Also, water is hugely regarded as universal cleanser in medical circles.
  6. Though there is no complete evidence and still controversial, it has been found that the term ‘Chemistry’ has been coined after an Egyptian word meaning ‘earth’. However, the actual meaning reflects study of elements.



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