Amazing Facts About Apple Fruit

  • AppleApple fruit belongs to the rose family.
  • It’s found that people used apple fruits in the early 6500 BC.
  • It was found that apple tree was first originated in the regions of Caspian and Black Sea.
  • Apple fruit will possess 5 seed packets, which is called as carpels. Each pocket in apple fruit will contain seeds. The number of seeds in the seed packet can be selected by the strength and condition of the plant.
  • Each variety of apples have different numbers of seeds.
  • Fifty leaves of the apple tree are essential for producing one apple.
  • To detect a fresh apple, people can drop the apple in a bowl of water. The fresh apple has property to float in the air, because twenty five percentage of apple contains air.
  • Apples have property to mature ten times faster, when it’s kept outside the house. So Apple has to be kept in a refrigerator to slow down the ripening process.
  • A heap of apples will be weighing around 19kg. A peck of apples will be weighing 4.8kg
  • Forty five pounds of apple is consumed by an average person in the US per year, forty six pounds of apple is consumed by the people of Europe in a year.
  • A survey in 2002 says that, sixty percentages of apple fruit were eaten as a fruit by people of US. Thirty nine percentages of fruit were processed and the remaining one percentage was left out. The remaining thirty nine percentages of processed apples were used in the industries for preparing juices and food items. The eighteen percentage of processed apple was used in juice industry and three percentages were dried. Two percentage of processed apple were frozen and the remaining twelve percentages were canned.
  • Apple is a state fruit of New York and Washington



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