GLOBAL WARMINGGlobal warming is on the tip of everyone’s tongue these days. Environmentalists, teachers, colleagues at work, new reporters and journalists, everybody seems to be worried about this strange phenomenon. It has put our future generations’ lives in danger and continues to meddle with our. Here are some global warming facts you should know and probably pass on to your future generations:

  1. The year 2005 was recorded as the warmest year. The eight warmest years have all occurred since 1998. Scientists are expecting a 3.5°F increase in the average temperature around the globe by the year 2100, resulting in the hottest temperatures in a million years.  
  2. According to scientific estimates, there are only around 25,000 surviving polar bears in the world. This is a cause of global warming and increasing temperatures. The polar bear is soon becoming extinct. The effects of global warming could lead to the extinction of several species.
  3. A NASA study claims that since 1880, there has been a 1.4°F increase in average temperature across the globe.
  4. The previous two decades of the twentieth century were the hottest decades in over 400 years and might well be the hottest decades in several thousand years.
  5. It was in 1896 that Swedish scientist Svante Arrhenius said that human industrial activity was exceeding the earth’s ability to absorb carbon dioxide. The realization had set in more than a century ago!
  6. Carbon dioxide levels have increased by a staggering 25% today and continue to grow each year. Fossil fuels that are burnt add over six billion tons of carbon dioxide in to the atmosphere each year. The earth’s atmosphere now has 40% more carbon dioxide than it had before the Industrial Revolution.
  7. Though the US accounts for less than 5% of the global population, it accounts for 22% of global industrial carbon dioxide emissions.



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