TEATea is a drink appreciated and consumed globally. A good cup of tea helps people bond and enjoy the finer things in life. Some people liven up at the very mention of tea. Here are some fun facts about the popular drink, for all the tea lovers out there:

  1. To make one pound of finished tea, it takes about 2,000 tiny tea leaves! Tea plants grow in the wilder parts of Asia but it can also be farmed. The best of teas in the world are hand picked.
  2. The word ‘tea’ is derived from the Chinese word T’e which is the name of the plant from which tea leaves were traditionally extracted.
  3. There are different varieties of tea- black tea, herbal tea, oolong tea. They are made from the same tea bushes but are treated under different processes to provide a specific beverage. Green tea is unfermented, black tea is fermented and oolong is semi fermented. White tea is unfermented too and comes from the same bush.
  4.  Tea has a high level of antioxidants called ‘polyphenols’ that repair your cells and help your body fight against cancers, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and a lot more diseases. It is popularly believed that only green tea is good for health. However, the other varieties also consist of antioxidants.
  5. South Carolina and Hawaii are the only tea plantation islands in North America.
  6. Darjeeling in India grows one of the most appreciated varieties of tea and is called ‘Champagne of teas’. It is an area close to 70 sq miles large.
  7. China is the largest producer of tea and supplies around 29% of the world’s total tea. India is the second largest producer. Until the 19th century, almost all tea was grown in China.



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