6 unknown facts about a SHARK!!

sharkShark is a very common name which comes when we start counting for saline water fish. Sometimes we get into conflict with each other deciding whether shark is a fish or not. If you think it is a fish then yeah! you are in the right track to defend yourself. Shark is characterized as a fish of saline habitat.

1)     One of the most deadly creatures of this earth evolved almost 420 million years ago. Yes, you read it correct. 420 million years!

2)     The deep sea creatures have a huge chain of species and it is almost 470.

3)     The smallest shark, dwarf lantern shark is of 6.7 inches or 17 centimeters in size. However, the biggest one, whale shark claims to be the world’s largest saline fish. It has a record length of 39 feet or 12 meters. Isn’t it amazing?

Sharks usually choose their habitat the sea water as they are found mostly at a depth of 2000 meters. Some of them are equally expert to survive in fresh water too. River shark and the bull shark are able to survive in sea as well as fresh water.

4)     Shark’s egg has another amazing mystery. The shark’s eggs are considered as the largest egg lay by any living creature in this planet.

5)     Shark’s teeth are fixed with the jaw instead of the gums. Some sharks can even shed more than 30,000 teeth in their whole lifespan. This sea water fish has a blood hound instinct inside, which makes them capable of smelling blood from a long distance.

6)     Sharks move at an average velocity of 8 kilometers per hour, however when they chase their prey the sharks can move up to a speed of 19 kilometers per hour. Short fin mako shark is one of the fastest sharks which can gear up to 50 kilometers per hour. Isn’t this amazing?



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