painAll of us have gone through pain, some physical and some emotional. How much do we know about pain anyway? Here’s a list of interesting pain facts you should know:
1.    Women feel greater pain than men. They experience more pain owing to their conditions like child birth, pregnancy, menstruation, migraine etc. They also experience pain more intensely as compared to men. Chronic pain affects women much more than it affects men. A significant portion of the scientific community also subscribes to the belief that women have a greater tolerance level as compared to men.
2.    The most common pain condition is the back pain! In a recent survey, about 28% of Americans said they commonly suffered from low back pain, followed by migraines and headache. Each year, a whopping $50 billion is spent on back pain relief measures.
3.    Pain affects you more than just physically. It affects you both emotionally and physically. It is proven that pain can lead to frustration and anger. A vicious circle might form make it difficult for a person to concentrate. People with chronic pain often complain of depression and poor concentration.
4.    Gout is a painful type of arthritis that is responsible for affecting more than 3 million people each year.
5.    Although the brain is responsible for processing pain signals, it doesn’t feel any pain itself. It does not have pain sensitive nerves. The structures surrounding the brain feel pain. Due to this fact, surgeons can operate inside your brain without any anesthesia.
6.    Research reveals that smoking increases your chances of developing a back pain and increasing chronic pain in fibromyalgia patients. The nicotine in cigarettes can decrease blood flow to joints in the back and increases the risk of a further injury. Smokers need to take more medications than non smoker to get relief.



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