ice creamDon’t we all just love ice cream? It brightens up our day and adds some much needed color and flavor in our lives. Here are some fun ice cream facts for you:

  1. In 2003, Portland consumed more ice cream per person than any other city in the US!
  2. California produces the largest amount of ice cream in the US.
  3. The US produces the greatest amount of ice cream in the world. The US is also the greatest per capita consumer of ice cream in the world. Australia follows America.
  4. The most popular flavor in the country is vanilla which accounts for more than 20% of ice cream sales and is followed by chocolate that accounts for about 10% of the sales.
  5. Ice cream took birth in China around 2000 BC.
  6. One out of every five ice cream eaters share their ice cream with a pet!
  7. In the US, an ice cream needs to contain at least 10% milk fat for it to be labeled ‘ice cream’.
  8. What do you think is the most important ingredient of ice cream? Neither is it milk nor is it fruit. It is Air! Yes, without air the ice cream would be hard as a rock.
  9. Ice cream came to America in the 1700s but was mostly limited to people of status and wealth.
  10. Your average cow is capable of producing enough milk in her entire lifetime that can make around 9000 gallons of ice cream!
  11. The American victory in the World War 2 was celebrated with ice cream. They consumed about 20 quarts of ice cream per head.

There is an ice cream diet designed exclusively for weight loss. If weight loss was on your mind, take the cue!



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