stomachThe stomach is an important and intricate part of our body. It is essential to a healthy survival but doesn’t generally get a lot of thought. Some myths and misconceptions cloud our thought. Here are some fun facts about the stomach:


  1. It is possible for people to live without their stomach! People have done so in the past when their stomachs were removed because of diseases.
  2. While swallowing food, we also swallow air. This air is responsible for the gas in your stomach and intestinal tract. To get rid of this gas, we often burp!
  3. Every two weeks, our stomach produces a new layer of mucus to keep itself from digesting itself!
  4. A moth has no stomach at all! A starfish is capable of turning its stomach inside out.
  5. It is a myth that cutting down on food intake will shrink the size of the stomach and result in a loss of appetite. The stomach cannot be shrunk unless you go for a surgery!
  6. When you blush, the lining of the stomach turns red too!
  7. An adult stomach is capable of holding 1.5 l of material.
  8. There is absolutely no correlation between stomach size and body weight. A thin person could have the same stomach size as an obese one.
  9. The stomach has hydrochloric acid that kills bacteria and is essential to the digestive process.
  10. The stomach is not responsible for digestion. It is the mixing bag of the digestive system where food is broken down into small particles. Actual digestion takes place in the lower intestine.
  11. Exercising will not affect the size of your stomach. Exercising only burns fat while the stomach is an organ.
  12. The stomach is capable of processing pretty much everything, from truffle to car tyre, owing to its complex enzymes and acids.



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