Where would have we been without the Sun! The source of all light and energy on our planet, the Sun is an important part of our Solar System. Here’s a list of fun facts about the Sun:sun

  1. The Sun accounts for about 99.86% of the Solar System’s mass! It is also found at the Solar System’s center.
  2. The Sun is one among 6000 stars that are visible to the naked eye. It is among the 200 billion stars in the Galaxy.
  3. This is a fact we have read in school. Light from the Sun reaches the Earth in about 8 minutes.
  4. The reaction taking place within the Sun’s core is nuclear fusion, which is the same as a hydrogen bomb! The Sun is able to generate a huge amount of energy through the process. The temperature of the Sun at its core is 14 million Kelvin.
  5. The Earth is relatively a speck. Approximately 1 million earths could fit inside the Sun! the Sun’s diameter is around 110 times wider than the earth’s diameter.
  6. The distance between the Sun and the Earth is called an Astronomical Unit (AU).
  7. When the Moon comes between the Sun and the Earth, a solar eclipse is said to occur.
  8. The Sun produces a strong solar wind of charged particles like protons and electrons. Because of their high kinetic energy and the Sun’s hot corona, they are able to escape the Sun’s gravity! Planets that have a strong magnetic field, like the earth, manage to deflect these charged particles as they approach the planet.
  9. Each second, the Sun is losing 5 million tons of material.
  10. Around 75% of the Sun’s mass is composed of hydrogen and 24% made up of helium. The remaining percentage is covered by heavier elements like carbon, iron, oxygen and neon.



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