iPhoneThe legendary iPhone by Apple has been the apple of our eyes for quite some time now. It is unparalleled in popularity and appeal and continues to push sales each year. One of our favorite smart phones in the market, the iPhone has a long and interesting list of fun facts. Here are a few:

  1. When you lift it to your ear, the iPhone turns the display screen off automatically.
  2. A whopping $150 million was spent on the research and development part of the original iPhone. It was launched in the US in 2007. However, the first iPhone was created in 1983. It wasn’t a typical mobile phone and did not have a touch screen.
  3.  More than 10% of the iPhones today are ‘jailbroken’.
  4. A staggering more than 200 patents related to the iPhone belong to Apple. From the look of the phone to its feel to its features, all of it was patented by Apple in its early stages.
  5. The iPhone’s AppStore was the first legal place to download an app!
  6. Since 2007, more than 250 million iPhone units have been sold. If all iPhone sales were to be concentrated in the US, almost 80% of the US population would own an iPhone.
  7. Keeping your fiends close and your enemies closer is a saying that Apple seems to hae taken too seriously. The computer chip used in Apple’s iPhone is manufactured by none other than Samsung- Apple’s greatest rival.
  8. Apple has paid more than $1 million for the domain name iPhone.com.
  9. iPhone uses about nine rare minerals for its vibration, music player and a whole host of its features. Around 90% of these minerals are imported from China.
  10. The iPhone keyboard accommodates over 21 languages! There’s plenty of linguistic space for all.



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