HYPNOSISHypnosis is a matter of great interest to most of us. However, most people have a poor understanding of the area and rely on movies and books for most of their knowledge. Here’s a list of some concrete and interesting facts about hypnosis:

  1. Stage hypnosis is essentially a trick used as a means of entertainment. It involves people who are more susceptible to hypnosis than average and is used as a tactic to excite the public. It is a far cry from real hypnosis.
  2. Studies have confirmed that some people have higher hypnotic suggestibility or susceptibility to hypnosis. People with low suggestibility do not stand to gain a lot from hypnosis.
  3. Hypnotherapy is a legitimate practice used for treating patients, helping them get rid of bad habits and brining about behavioral changes. The therapy creates an unconscious change in the patient for a better and happier life.
  4. Self hypnosis allows you to influence your own sub conscious behavior. It must be used in the right manner and with the right precautions.
  5. Humans experience hypnosis for at least twice a day.
  6. Sigmund Freud used the tricks of hypnosis on his patients while working on his theory of psychoanalysis.
  7. Hypnotism is often used for recollection of suppressed memories and also to make people forget certain events.
  8. Hypnosis is a suggestible state and some people are more vulnerable to it than the others. Hypnotists are good therapists but can’t force you to do something you don’t want to do.
  9. Under hypnosis, you aren’t asleep. You have complete control over your actions while under hypnosis. It is not sleep, but a natural state of mind.
  10. In 1847, the Roman Catholic Church finally conceded that hypnosis is a natural state, not the work of a devil!



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