Unbelievable Optical Illusions

  • Unbelievable Optical IllusionsTower that appears to be same: Both images though identical the right one looks as if it is more steeply leaned. It is because both images are treated as a single picture by our visual system. If they both are at same angle, their image tends to converge as they recede from view. This is often accounted by the visual system.
  • Illusionary image: If one looks continuously at an image for about 30 seconds and then at a blank white wall or a white paper, an image of the picture seen before emerges in front of our eyes. The more we see, the more it tends to become clear.
  • Quick Indulgence: Staring at the dot in the centre for a prolonged period of time then moving the head will make it seem as if the rings are spinning!
  • Squared but straight: The entire image is composed of a number of straight lines. One can make use of a ruler for detection. However initially it appears as though the picture is in the box format.
  • Coloured but same: To the common eye all lines in the ring may seem to be of different colours but actually these lines which are seemingly blue, green and yellow are of same colour.
  • Sacred Heart Illusion: One needs to perform an exercise to find out the interesting part in this picture. However firstly we need to open the image, then the interesting portion is revealed.
  • Squares that dance: If we move our eyes thoroughly over the image, these different coloured squared boxes tend to move.
  • Monster brothers: In the image there are two monsters running behind one another. One big, other is small. However though visualised to be of different sizes, both monsters are of same size.



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