Top Ten Interesting Facts about the Elephants

  • elephantThe fossil shows that about 170 known species of elephant lived on earth. The ancient elephants are very tiny and look like a tapir. The sea cows and dugongs are living close relative of elephants.
  • The elephants normally live in herd under an aged female elephant. The mature male elephants are driven away from the herd.  The adult male elephants roam in the grassland in searching their pairs.
  • The elephants normally eat 150-170kg in dry season and 200-280 kg of foods in rainy season. The trunk is the extension of nose with thousands of muscles. An adult elephant can drink 80 liters of water in a day.
  • The tusks are incisor teeth.  Asian elephants, the male have long tusk. In African elephant males have massive tusk and female carriers short tusk.  The record was 10 feet tusk, weighed 104 kg.
  • The elephants communicate with one another trough infra sounds of frequency 14-24 Hz. The sounds not audible to humans and it communicate to longer distances. The infrasound is produced by a membrane present in the forehead.
  • Like children, the young elephants need to follow certain rules and maintain discipline in the elephant society.  The younger male elephants are very aggressive and normally attack rhinos and other elephants.
  • The elephants in northeastern India are attracted by the oil. They frequently roam around the oil fields and destroy the connecting pipes. The elephants assist the British official to find oil field in India.
  • The African elephant is the largest animal in the land. The Kenya and South Africa have more density of an African elephant. The Asian elephants are small compared to African elephants. Thailand has more Asian elephant density.
  • The trunk is the extension of elephant nose. It’s used sniff, grab things, drink water and hold the trees. The trunk does not contain any bones and it’s extremely flexible. The elephant ear beats continuously even while sleeping.
  • The elephants have wrinkled skin that helps them to keep humidity and maintain temperature. They also love mud bath to keep coolness and avoid incest bites.



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