Things you should know by the age of 30

30 ageKnowing more and more things should be the motto of one’s life. Learning and getting knowledge should not stop throughout your life. It is very much important to know certain things at a particular age. Thus, being little older and wiser is very much important to achieve success in life. Thus, there are some things you ‘should’ know by the time you get 30. It is said that, by the time you reach thirty years of age, you are very well acknowledged about all everything. Thus, there are 20 important things that you should know by the age of 30:

  1. How to get ready in 20 minutes or less if you want to go out.
  2. How to make most of your vacation days
  3. Time moves really faster and you are also getting older real fast.
  4. Know about the retirement plans
  5. How to live without plastic money that is the credit card
  6. There is a different between true love and lust.
  7. How to agree or disagree on certain things
  8. Some of the fashion trends are not worth trying ever.
  9. How to quit a job
  10. What does it feel after breaking up with your partner?
  11. Confronting to your friends without ruining your friendship.
  12. When to walk away and when to keep on trying
  13. How to kiss in a way that it perfectly communicates your feelings to your partner.
  14. What do you feel about having children
  15. How to carry on with your own birthday party
  16. How to curb loneliness when no one is with you
  17. What all things you will do for your love
  18. What will you do to earn money
  19. If it’s not your fault, you shouldn’t apologize.
  20. You can’t really change your parent’s nature and behavior.

Hence, you should agree that life begins at 30.



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