Things you should know before getting pregnant

pregnantGetting pregnant is one of the happiest moment of your life. It must be you and your husband’s dream to have kids and move on with life ahead. Pregnancy is one of the biggest turnover of your life, it makes you from wife to a mother. But before planning out for your pregnancy, make sure you have done some of the most important things to do. Just give these things a thought and make sure you have done them all before you get pregnant. These things will help you make your baby healthier along with healthy pregnancy.
There are some important things you need to do before you head down on getting pregnant:

  • Set an appointment with the doctor. It is very much important that you visit up a doctor and discuss with them about your plan for a baby. The doctor will review all about your family history, medical history, your medication and your health. You should also discuss everything with your doctor on things like weight, diet, exercise, and various unhealthy habits like drinking, smoking, drugs, etc.
  • Take care for the level of folic acid. Folic acid is very important for your body. Taking folic acid supplements will help you make your baby defect free from spinal bifida and other birth defects as well. You can buy vitamin C supplements from any of the drugstore or you can even consult a doctor for that.
  • Give up bad habits or let’s just say, unhealthy habits. It is very much important that you give up all your unhealthy habits like smoking, drugs or drinking because studies show that this can affect in the process of your conception. Having such habits can lead to miscarriage, low-birth-weight babies or even premature birth. Tobacco also tends to lower your sperm count and even increases chances of infertility.



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