Things you should know about smartphones

Smart PhonesSmartphones have been the gadget of the twenty first century. Each and every of us are well versed with the working of a smartphone. It is true that every individual owns a smartphone these days. Children are more addicted to smart phones than adults. Hence, stay away from getting embarrassed by knowing some of the basic things your smartphones can do. Smartphones are getting smarter, and people are behaving like idiots now a days.
Following are few things you should know about smartphones:

  • You can turn your mobile internet in to a Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • You can roam around with a virtual wallet and pay your stuff online and even lock your money for security.
  • You can start your car via your smartphone, even control and locate your car with the help of a smartphone.
  • If something is stolen or a crime has occurred, you can easily catch the criminal with the help of your smartphone as they can take pictures of thief, set alarms, and help yu get your phone back via various apps.
  • Your smartphone can help you navigate anywhere all around the country.
  • You can easily turn you smartphone into a simple wireless keyboard for your laptop or personal computer and even it can be converted into mouse.
  • Your phone can help you make a fake call that lets you easily get away from talking to someone you shouldn’t or you don’t wish to.
  • Some of the apps in your smartphones make you avoid drinking and driving and save you from rash driving.
  • You can easily move your data and sync it with your other devices such as computer or laptops.
  • There are various flash light apps in your smartphone that will help you as torch when there no electricity or the street lamps go off.



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