Things to Know Before Your First Yoga Class

Yoga classMany of the Bollywood star have started opting for yoga rather than hitting the gym every day. It is said that yoga is better workout rather than running on that treadmill for hours that leads you nowhere. It takes a lot of patience and dedication to become a yoga expert and carry out yoga as your daily workout option. Each and every individual need to start from the scratch and hence, day-by-day, your life will change towards positivity. But before rolling out that mat and getting all excited for your yoga lessons, you need to keep some important things in mind. Below are few important things before you step for your first yoga classes:

  1. Wear comfortable clothes that helps you move and breathe easily.
  2. Go to your classes completely prepared along with your mat, a small towel and a bottle of drinking water.
  3. Pick up the best instructor in your town, as your lessons and results everything depends on the instructor.
  4. Each and every instructor have their own style, so choose accordingly.
  5. Let your instructor know about all your past injuries, surgery, operation or any other disorders.
  6. Every class is different so you can’t just expect meditation or chant in your classes.
  7. But, yoga classes do have chanting ‘om’ at the end of the lessons.
  8. It is not easy to learn yoga in one day, learning yoga asanas are a slow and gradual process. Hence, you need to practice these lessons every day at home or in classes in order to become an expert.
  9. Make sure your cell phone is switched off while you are practicing your exercise as it may be distracting and sometimes even disturbing.
  10. Ringing of mobile phone is very much disrespectful towards your yoga teacher.
  11. Do not eat immediately after completing your yoga classes, it is not recommended to eat anything for about 30 minutes after yoga.
  12. Even you should not eat for about 2 hours before going for yoga classes.
  13. Your food should be digested completely before doing any exercise.
  14. Be careful before doing or leaving any pose as an instant jerk would lead to cramps and pain to that particular body part.
  15. If you feel any pain in any part of your body while doing asanas, leave the asana as soon as possible and inform your instructor about the pain.



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