Things to Know Before You Go to Japan

go to japanAs all of us know, some of the countries in the world have strict customs and rules, which every visitor need to follow. One of these countries is Japan, where in you will find people very much polite and always following some or the other rule or custom. Japanese behave in a proper way, carry out some customs, know about some of the important rules and make sure that they continue them, and also expect tourists to follow some of them.

So, if you are planning a trip to japan, make sure you keep in mind the following things:

ü  Learn Japanese

Japanese are very much keen at knowing if the visitor knows their language or no. it will be very much annoying for you to listen English in Japanese accent. So its better you learn some of the Japanese words such as ‘san’, ‘sama’, and so on.

ü  The respect for others

Japanese love if someone shows utter respect to the other person. They are very much impressed if the level of respect is higher. Japanese children are implemented with such behavior right from the first class. For a tourist, it is very much important that they know simple respectful gestures such as bending the body or even simple inclination of the head.

ü  Manners at the dinner table

Make sure you learn table manners before visiting any of the restaurant or party in Japan. Learn some Japanese words so that you don’t look completely blank in a party or in any restaurant.

ü  Tips not allowed

Japanese restaurants do not accept any tips. The custom of tipping is not accepted in japan. It is considered to be an insult if you leave a tip for someone as you are paying extra money for the services they have offered you. Also, taxis and other public transports do not accept tips

ü  Leave shoes behind

It is a common practice in Japan to take off your shoes when you are getting inside someone’s house or in a hotel. Therefore, it is always recommended to wear nice socks so that you can walk freely inside someone’s house with your socks.



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