Shocking facts about dreams

dreamsEach and every individual dream. People dream about many things. They even wish that all their dreams get fulfilled. Practically, dreams are a succession of ideas, images, emotions and even sensations that occur in an individual’s mind when he or she is sleeping. All the dreams are based on a particular subject or topic depending upon the personas interests, likes and dislikes. Scientists say that even mammals, reptiles and birds dream other than human beings. There are various facts related to drams and some are really very much shocking.
Following are some of the interesting facts about dreams:

  • All of the strangers and people you see in your dreams are said to be the actual people you have seen in real life.
  • Every human dreams and there are loads of people who really can’t remember their dreams when they wake up.
  • It is said that human beings spend about 6 hours of dreaming in their entire lifetime.
  • Egyptians created a dream dictionary about thousands of years ago in 4000 BCE.
  • Our brains are much more active when we sleep rather than when we are awake.
  • We tend to lose about 90% of our dream the moment we wake up.
  • People suffering from personality disorder do not tend to carry out dream activity.
  • It is said that men tend to dream about men more than women and women tend to dream about both the genders.
  • People planning to quit alcohol and smoking can experience heavy dreams and many nightmares.
  • You can’t dream while you are snoring.
  • Babies don’t dream until they reach till the age of 3 years.
  • Women experience déjà vu more than men.
  • Dreams are not always about happy events and most common emotions that appear in dreams are fear, anger and sadness.



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