Seven Strange Facts about Animals

Parrotfish build own homeanimals facts:

While other fish search for cliffs or coral reef for temporary shelter. The mudskipper uses soft mud as their home.  Parrotfish concentrate on making own house.  To create a sleeping bag, this fish secretes jelly type slime that surrounds its body.

Dolphin hunts with sound:

The dolphins have poor eye vision; it produces high frequency clicks, or sounds and estimates the reflected echoes to find prey. The echolocation will assist dolphin to know size, shape, behavior and structure of the prey.

Marine Iguana – perfect sea diver:

The Marine Iguana is a rare reptile commonly found in the Galapagos Islands, coast of Ecuador. The 1.2 reptiles mainly fed on green seaweeds under sea water.  It can hold its breath up to 15 minutes and dive into the sea for feeding.

Female elephants are the leader:

The female elephants live in small herds below matriarch.  The male elephants will not be accepted into the herd after a certain age. The aged and experienced female elephant will lead the herd. It helps the group to find water and foods even in droughts. Research says that, elder elephants more than 60 years old will lead the herd.

The leopard – most popular cat family:

The leopard found in Asia and Africa, it runs at the speed of 70 km/hr but mainly relies on easy prey. It climbs the tree and rest in the branches and search for prey. If the prey passes a tree, it attacks it from top of tree.

Millipedes have more than 400 legs:

The millipede has more legs than other insects or animals in the world. All legs have excellent coordination and make to count legs on naked eyes. Research says that, the giant millipedes have more than 400 legs.

 Penguin – goes for longest land migration:

The penguin is a flightless bird with short legs and waddle. In summer season, the penguin travels longer distance in search of food to feed their young ones.



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