Facts about Dogs That Will Blow Your Mind

Dog cartoonA dog is said to be a man’s best friend. This is really true as you may not get anyone as loyal as your dog. Even if you are a hardcore cat lover, you won’t hate dogs. A dog lover should be well versed with each and everything about a dog. Dogs are animals who a capable of learning in a various number of ways with simple reinforcement or even by observation. Small dogs that is puppies learn many things very quickly. Dogs also learn by observing human beings and then mimicking them. If you think you know everything about dogs, wait a minutes and think again, because following are some of the things about dogs which surely blow your mind:
1. Dogs are very intelligent creature who can understand about 250 gestures and words.
2. They can even do calculations up to five and also know simple mathematical calculations.
3. An average dog is said to be as intelligent as a two year old child.
4. Dogs do not enjoy hugging as much as humans do.
5. It was in the news that two brave stray dogs in Afghanistan saved about fifty American soldiers.
6. Some of the stray dogs in Russia have figured out to enter in to the subway system in order to search more food items.
7. If you visit New Zealand, don’t forget to go and have a look at the dog shaped building.
8. Service dogs are completely trained and thus they know when they are on duty. If their harness is on, they understand that they are on a business time.
9. When dogs see in to your eyes, they tend to do pee and poo on command and thus, owners can clean them up.
10. Dogs nose is essential to be wet so that they can recognize the direction from where a particular smell is coming



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