Exceptional pieces of arts

Piss ChristThere are some artists who don’t believe in boundaries and always open to try the new as well as adventures things. Shock arts and sensational art is becoming very much famous these days, especially in media. The artists use their urine, blood, stool, body fluids etc.

Here are some little disturbed but creative artists.

  1. Cans of stool. Piero Manzoni was very well known for his childish and funny tricks, in life and even after his death. When this Italian artist died at the sad age of 29, he made one last joke for art lovers by filling exactly 90 tin cans with his stool that weighs 30 grams each were labeled “Merda d’ artista” or “The artist’s S-T” and not only that every can is actually valued at its weights in gold and even fluctuate with market.
  2. Piss Christ. It is a very distinctive art that is made by Andres Serano in 1987 it is a small plastic crucifix that includes Jesus drowns into a glass of yellow liquid that was actually the artist’s urine. The artist has been accused of abusing Christianity. Serano always believes that Piss Christ is a satire on the commercialization of Christian Gods in modern age.
  3. Blood Busts. Making self portraits has been around the world from centuries. Artist that are fascinated by themselves used to make their self portrait but Mark Quinn took take this tradition of self portrait one (may be 100 steps) step ahead and make creates a bust of his head by his own frozen blood. It take 4.5 liters of blood that are taken out from his body in about 5 months, he did it every five years.
  4. 4.     Meatballs in fat of Marco. Marco Evaristti, a Chilean born artist surprised her guest by serving them meatballs that are made from beef and her own body fat. Now it is not right if we start discussing that if body fat counts as bodily fluids after an artist feel so much pain for her art, but don’t know how health care department will judge it.



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