7 Facts Women Don’t Know about Men

menWomen are always thought to be honest in their approach and expect the same from the others too. However, there are several facts that women still don’t know for sure. Here are the top 10 of them for your quick consideration.

  1. Men are known to be more possessive in nature much more than woman. Especially, a man won’t like it when a woman of his choice speaks to another man even if in a friendly or professionally.
  2. Men care more about their family than his personal interest. There might be a conflict of interest in case if there is a clash in this context. Making up one’s own mind has got a lot to do with this.
  3. Choosing an objective in life is a good thing to consider, but not at the cost of others’ interest. Men are considered to be way forward in this regard. Perhaps, they sometimes ignore their partners because of this possession.
  4. A majority of men are known to be mentally tough. However, most of them are still sensitive and emotional much like a woman. However, women hardly get to know about this feature.
  5. Men always look forward to more love than respect. The kind of lonely feeling is something that haunts men more than women. This has been proved by several studies in the past.
  6. Men display their anger for a lot of reasons. However, a woman must know that it is because of the feeling of disrespect that originates in the minds of men that makes them feeling like they are ignored and not respected anymore.
  7. Men are insecure about various things. For instance, the fear of losing job or a girl of their choice haunts them badly. The most surprising thing in this context is that they feel so even if they are in a good position.



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